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Performing Artists: D. R. Ritter, visual artist,...

Mag. art. Dagmar R. Ritter, visual artist with a range from classical paintings and graphic art to digital art:

It's been about time that a platform where artists and people interested in art can meet has been established in Austria.This is a space where artists can present their art to a wide audience. At the same time it's also a space where potential buyers get easy access to art.

A great business to promote cultural exchange!
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Eva Weichselbaum, Director Editorial Department:

I'm interested in people and their stories. And in stories where there's human spirit. And art. And Music. I was an editor at the Austrian national television for many years - I learned a lot and most of all, I got to know many different people from very different backgrounds. And I met countless aritists with different needs and sensitivities.

I'm really excited to be part of A O S. I'm thrilled to contribute authenticity, sense of humor, life experience, organizational skills, open ears and an open heart, empathy and creativity.


Evi Schachenhofer, Investor Releations- & Country Manager USA

I am a Senior Executive with close to 20 years working experience predominantly in the finance industry with international focus. Since my expertise lies in Alternative Investments, it seems natural to me to connect Alternative Investments and the Fine Arts.

It is my vision to facilitate and strengthen the dialogue between artists and investors beyond national borders to introduce the local artists to an international audience. I am pleased and excited to support [AOS] with my know-how.

Peter Bono, Initiator & CEO

Peter Bono has more than 20 years experience in international Sales, Marketing and Media. It all began with his career at Cunard, New York, which made him travel the world. He has made it his personal mission to promote Artists as well as strengthen economy on a sustainable basis. Art and Culture shall be presented to a worldwide audience


Beatrix Neiss, Spiritual Sponsor

Being an artist and art broker myself, I'm glad to have found a platform where artists can present their artwork as well as co...ntact potential buyers - just in line with the virtual networking idea. I'm deeply impressed by the number of live affirming artwork as well as by the quality presented. It is now possible to bring art home on a global basis and therefore really increase the name recognition of the represented artists.

I extend a Bravo to the "Art On Screen" Team and wish them all the success!